Is It Warm In Here? Baruch Psychologist David Sitt Makes's Top Ten Hottest Profs

New York, NY, Dec. 11 -- David Sitt, lecturer in the Department of Psychology, says he finds, the Internet site “very helpful,” as a source of student feedback on his teaching.

He must be doing something right. The hugely popular survey site, which claims to have generated its 2008 rankings from a database of more than 7.5 million student ratings of over 1,000,000 college professors, just ranked Sitt among its top ten "hottest" professors. (He came in at #8). No definition of “hot” is provided, but just ask any undergraduate – hot is, well, hot.

So, why did he make the list? "I’m young, dynamic and I have a five o’clock shadow," he says with a grin, noting that he made the top ten even though the Psychology Department’s web site provides no photo.

Sitt, who does clinical work with people diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), is a Baruch alumnus (1995-99) who did his graduate work at Yeshiva and now finds himself teaching alongside his former mentors. "Susan Locke was a major influence on my life," he says of the psychology professor and longtime director of the Baruch Honors program.

He is, Sitt says, primarily a teacher, one who has no qualms about taking on PYS 1001, the monster-sized Introduction to Psychology course that draws hundreds of students. "I try to speak with students, not to students," he says, adding that he is "very proud" of his teacher ratings. Glenn Albright, chairman of the Psychology Department, agrees. "We’re very fortunate to have such an engaging and committed teacher," Albright says. "He puts his students above all."