Mindful Consulting Group™

Founded by Dr. Sitt in 2009, Mindful Consulting Group™ provides dynamic educational experiences to schools, corporations, non-profit organizations, and other entities. Mindful Consulting Group™ incorporates the tenets of positive psychology, mindful living, and Dr. Sitt's personal philosophies into engaging lectures, workshops, and training experiences.

Dr. Sitt founded Mindful Consulting Group™ with a few core beliefs for happy, healthy, mindful living. These include:

  • Be mindful, even if your mind is full.

  • Grow through subtraction, not addition.

  • To improve your relationship with Technology, you must challenge the relationship.

  • Resolving pains of the past can assist in alleviating future worries.

Lectures and Workshops

An excellent presenter and public speaker, Dr. Sitt is a highly ranked lecturer who uses out of the ordinary techniques to captivate audiences. Dr. Sitt has a wealth of experience presenting to groups of parents, educators, as well as corporate clients. Listed below are just a few of the topics Dr. Sitt can present to audiences. 

Problems We Solve

• Leadership Development

• Team Alignment

• Productivity Improvement

• Employee Motivation

• Talented People, Difficult Personalities

• Burnout

• Stress Management

• Improving Company Culture


• Executive Coaching

• Mindfulness Programs

• Team Building

• Training Facilitation

• 360 Assessment & Feedback

• Communications Coaching

• Sales Effectiveness

• ADHD Coaching

Sample Workshops

• Fostering Emotional Intelligence at Work

• Team Values & Alignment

• Coping with Change

• Mindfulness for Motivation and Productivity

• Living in Balance with Technology

• Preventing Burnout

• Positive Psychology Practices